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99 Degrees Seafood Kitchen vs Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

If you are searching for fresh, never frozen and flavorful seafood in the Albuquerque metro area, look no further than 99 Degrees Seafood Kitchen. Unlike competitors like Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, which uses frozen seafood, our all-star kitchen produces a huge variety of fresh, high-quality cajun- and creole-style seafood that you simply cannot find in any other local seafood restaurant in Albuquerque. Fresh seafood isn’t just for the coasts anymore! Stop on by and find out why 99 Degrees Seafood Kitchen is the talk of the Nob Hill food scene.

We specialize in fresh seafood boils, a tradition that is popular in California but is just reaching the interior regions of the Southwest. What’s more, 99 Degrees Seafood Kitchen is the only seafood restaurant in Albuquerque to offer an orange juice-based seafood boil, foregoing the heavy oils used to fry your seafood at most restaurants. Now you can enjoy a hearty seafood boil without all of the guilt. Other seafood restaurants, like Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, use heavy oils to mask the bland favor of flash-frozen seafood. You can choose from one of five seafood boil flavors for the meal: garlic butter, lemon pepper, cajun, Sriracha, and a special house blend (and ask about our gluten-free options!).

Perhaps the most famous cajun food to come out of Louisiana, our seasonal crawfish is the best seafood dish in Albuquerque, bar none. Also known as crayfish and crawdads, crawfish are freshwater cousins of the famed lobster. While major chains like Pappadeaux may use frozen crawfish during lean months, all of our seafood boils use fresh crawfish flown overnight from Louisiana and combined with our house cajun-spice blend to create an authentic dish that tastes just like New Orleans. If we can’t secure the seafood fresh, we simply won’t serve it. Ask your server about our Tuesday Crawfish special for a taste of the Big Easy.

The next time you visit 99 Degrees Seafood Kitchen, make sure to ask your server about our famous Oyster dishes. We source our Blue Point Oysters from the Long Island Sound in New York state and ensure that they remain fresh throughout their overnight journey directly to our kitchen. Blue Point Oysters are renowned for their brininess, firm texture, and sweet taste. The favorite oyster of the famed monarch Queen Victoria, these are the perfect dish for experienced and novice oysters eaters alike. Check out our raw and fried Blue Point Oyster dishes to learn why 99 Degrees is the best seafood restaurant in Albuquerque.

Our focus on procuring the best-quality seafood from the coasts is what sets 99 Degrees Seafood Kitchen apart from the other restaurants peddling frozen seafood to diners in the local seafood restaurant scene in Albuquerque. We source all of our seafood from the East and West Coast, as well as the Gulf Coast region, ensuring that you are served only the freshest seafood when you order one of our signature seafood boils. Ask your server about our daily specials, like our Tuesday Special Crawfish, for a real Albuquerque treat!

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